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Question: My daugther has just turned 4. She has had a cough and a high fever for a few days. She has also developed a bloody nose that occurs every few days and ...

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Question: > Hi all. I am 21/f with mild asthma and allergies, I take Advair 100 and once a > day Claritin. I have noticed over the last

Ask an Expert: Bloody nose from seasonal allergies

Question: I have seasonal allergies and have been on Claritin-D24 and Nasacort AQ for 4 years. I have a tendency to have bloody nose/congestion quite often.

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My little sister Kelly is 11 and she's been having bloody noses for three days. They're kind of on the long side. She's been having problem with her seasonal ...

Pediatrics: Allergies/bloody noses, green mucus, allergy medication

green mucus, allergy medication, bloody noses: Dear Machelle: Allergies can cause nose bleeds and they can become frequent. Two things to think about. Is she getting ...

Can cat allergies cause a bloody nose? - Yahoo! Answers

11/12/2007 · Best Answer: Yes, your sinuses dry up and can start to bleed. You can buy allergy tablets/drops/balm/spray/etc from your vet for your cat as well as ...

Is a bloody nose a sign of an allergy? - Yahoo! Answers

6/22/2008 · Best Answer: Depending on where you live, allergies are expecially bad this year. Your nose may be dry and that will cause it to bleed sometimes. When I ...

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allergies bloody nose

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